A. A. History Sources

“A. A. History Sources”
Interviews with Dick B. and a narrated tour of Dick B.’s Research Library (February 2-3, 2001)

This is a remarkable, timeless, narrated video tour of some 30,000-plus A.A. History and Christian Recovery items gathered in the Research Library of historian of A.A. and author Dick B. in Kihei, Hawaii, on February 2 and 3, 2001. Dick B. discusses his research library and explains its significance to the study of A.A. history and the Christian Recovery Movement as the videotape rolls. Special thanks to accomplished videographer Stephen H. Glagola of Stuart, Florida, for videotaping Dick B.’s Research Library and conducting the interviews with Dick B.

Extensive documentation relating to Dick B.’s Research Library and its significance is also available in Dick B.,’s title Making Known the Biblical History and Roots of Alcoholics Anonymous: A Sixteen Year Research, Writing, Publishing, and Fact Dissemination Project, 3rd ed.(Kihei, HI: Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 2006).

The books and papers in Dick B.’s Research Library on A.A. history and the Christian Recovery Movement came from travel, gifts, and purchases all over the United States, as well as from A First Century Christian Fellowship (later known as the “Oxford Group”) activists in Canada, Australia, and England. Several extremely generous people donated funds enabling placement in libraries. Several more donated large chunks of their personal libraries. Donors included, among others:

  • James D. and Eleanor Forde Newton;
  • T. Willard Hunter;
  • Parks Shipley, Sr.;
  • Moral Re-Armament headquarters in Washington, D.C.;
  • Garth Lean;
  • Michael Hutchinson and Kenneth Belden in England;
  • Dr. Morris Martin in Arizona;
  • James Houck in Maryland;
  • George Vondermuhll, Jr., in Connecticut;
  • the Calvary Church archivist in Pittsburgh;
  • the director of The Pittsburgh Experiment;
  • the Rector of St. Georges Parish in New York;
  • Sally Shoemaker Robinson (Dr. Shoemaker’s older daughter) in Maryland;
  • Nicki Shoemaker Haggart (Dr. Shoemaker’s other daughter) in Florida;
  • Grace Snyder (widow of Clarence Snyder in Florida);
  • Steve Foreman (shepherd of Came to Believe retreats);
  • Dennis Cassidy in Connecticut;
  • Danny Whitmore in California;
  • Congressman John Seiberling in Ohio;
  • Dorothy Seiberling in New York;
  • Mary Seiberling Huhn in Pennsylvania;
  • Ray Grumney, retired archivist at Dr. Bob’s Home in Ohio;
  • Robert R. Smith and Betty Smith (Dr. Bob’s son and daughter-in-law) in Nocona, Texas;
  • Sue Smith Windows (Dr. Bob’s daughter) in Akron; and
  • Dorothy Culver (daughter of T. Henry Williams) in Sacramento, California.

The facts and roots in many of the earlier books and papers that A.A. founders, pioneers, and early leaders studied, that archivists collected, that those associated with A First Century Christian Fellowship wrote or studied, and that the children of Dr. Bob and Anne Smith, Samuel M. Shoemaker, Jr., and T. Henry Williams had in their possession, is a rare treasure source.

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