Bill W. & Dr. Bob

“Bill W., Dr. Bob, and the Cure of Alcoholism: The Rest of the Story”
A video series and optional guidebook by Dick B. and Ken B. (2014)

After 25 years of research, investigations, travels, interviews, collecting historical books and materials, and visiting archives and libraries relevant to A.A. history and Christian Recovery, authors Dick B. and Ken B. have produced a series of videos with an optional guidebook which present the “rest of the story” about Alcoholics Anonymous and A.A. history that has been virtually unknown to the recovery community—including AAs and other 12 Steppers, as well as still-suffering alcoholics and addicts.

Access to all the Class Videos and optional Guidebook coming soon!
(The following class videos below will be available for viewing FREE of charge until the editing of the other videos is completed. Enjoy!)

Video No. Video Title



Background of the Quest


The Rest of the Story by Dick B.


A.A. Began Long Before A.A. Began


The Story of A.A. Began with the Bible


Two Reasons Many People Don’t Know A.A. Came from the Bible


Similarities between First Century Christianity and the Original Akron A.A. Program


The Program and Practices of Early Akron A.A.


A.A.’s Christian Progenitors


The Influence of Vermont on the Course of A.A.’s Later Ideas


(and following): Coming Soon